In addition to the numerous hotels in New York, we also we also suggest you try Airbnb. Airbnb allows people to privately rent out their own apartments and homes, often for much cheaper than a hotel. We've used it several times and had good experiences. (Remember: make sure you choose “entire apartment” when searching if you want more than just a shared room.)

New York Neighborhoods

We live in Ridgewood, Queens but since we are not immediately near the wedding nor any attractions, and the neighborhood itself is quite variable from street to street, we have a few suggestions for the best neighborhoods for travelers.

Manhattan is central and close to everything. If you're unfamiliar with New York almost all the big tourist attractions are here. The wedding venue however is not, it's is about 30 minutes away by subway or taxi. Times Square, Empire State, Central Park are all in Manhattan.

Brooklyn is nearby, about 30 minutes by subway or taxi, depending on where you’re going. In general it is quieter, a little cheaper and more residential. It's closer to the wedding and further away from some of the big attractions.

Here are some neighborhood suggestions:


Upper East Side

It’s quiet, traditionally one of the more upscale areas, though now has a more old money feel. There’s lots of high end fashion, Fifth Avenue, Madison Avenue, department stores are here, and it’s also close to Central Park, Museum Mile, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and MoMA.

Murray Hill/Gramercy Park

This is a relatively quieter, slightly nondescript area, though still a very central area that is near many attractions such as Times Square and Empire State Building, but a little away further away from the crowds.

Greenwich Village/West Village

Historically a very creative neighborhood filled with artists and musicians, and home to New York University, it is jam packed with bars, cafes, students and tourists. The West Village is quieter, more residential, probably both the most picturesque and pricey area of New York.


Park Slope

This is where the wedding will be held. It is farther from the Manhattan attractions (about 30 minutes on the subway to Midtown Manhattan), but much quieter. It is both a creative and family-oriented neighborhood, with lots of bars, restaurants and cafes. Many people choose to move here when they have kids. It’s also close to Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.


Located between Park Slope and Manhattan it is an easy commute to both. A busy spot with lots of musicians/artists/writers/students, shops, restaurants, bars and cafes. If you are looking for cold brew coffee made by a mustached hipster who grew the coffee beans organically on a local rooftop garden this is your place. (Note: East Williamsburg is not the same as Williamsburg)

Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens

Similar in style to Park Slope, and also relatively close to the wedding venue.

More Information

There are many other great neighborhoods, including Chelsea, East Village, Upper West Side, Brooklyn Heights, DUMBO and Bushwick that you may also wish to consider. For a more detailed list, please see these sites:

Of course, wherever you stay feel free to contact us if you have any questions before you book.